Geophysical studies

VSEGEI carries out comprehensive deep geological and geophysical research of the Russian territory and its continental shelf to synthesize and efficiently use the integrated geological and geophysical data when estimating and planning the state research in the geology of subsurface, resolving fundamental tasks of abyssal geology and evaluating mineral resource potential of the country.

VSEGEI experts develop and perform:
• unified technologies of geophysical mapping and methodologies for deep geophysical studies;
• requirements that regulate the geological and geophysical aspects of field investigations, data processing, and submitting results of work to create a grid of reference profiles, parametric and super-deep boreholes;
• recommendations on the use of deep study data on reference and regional profiles when performing geological mapping and evaluation of mineragenic potential of the Russian territory at 1:200,000 and 1:1,000,000 scales;
• synthesis, advanced processing, and interpretation of results of geophysical studies on reference geological and geophysical profiles;
• editing and correlation of geophysical survey results, compilation of composite digital maps of potential fields and deep structure models for the territory of Russia and individual regions;
• analytical reviews and recommendations on geological regional exploration.