Museum Services

Acad. F.N. Chernyshev TsNIGR Museum offers following services:
  • Production of expert evidence and issuing an expert opinion on geological collection materials exported abroad. 
  • Provision of temporary storage of unprocessed primary geological materials (collections of samples). 
  • Selection of samples for analytical studies. 
  • Providing scientific and methodological assistance to museums, exhibition halls and other organizations engaged in Earth science 
  • Excursion services. 
  • Formation of educational, thematic and presentation geological collections from the mineral stock. 
  • Preparation of popular science and teaching aids and materials in various formats. 
  • Preparation of temporary visiting exhibitions and expositions. 
  • Consulting and providing information on issues related to the activities of the museum. 
  • The sale of individual samples, minerals, rocks, fossil fauna and flora, polishing and grinding, training, souvenir and printed products created on the basis of the collection fund and the mineral stock. 
  • Providing museum exhibits for photo and video shooting.